This gateway is an access point to a number of services developed and operated in the context of the EUBrazilOpenBio project. It serve the needs of the biodiversity scientific community and in particular biodiversity scientists and information specialists involved in the development and alignment of species taxonomies (use case I) and biodiversity scientists involved in the production, comparison and projection of species distribution models to predict and to understand the distribution of species (use case II).

The gateway provides community members with different applications enabling production of models on species distribution; seamless access to species data from multiple providers including specimen data and occurrence points; and management of taxonomies.

The gateway offering is implemented through the EUBrazilOpenBio infrastructure. Such infrastructure results from the federation and integration of existing European and Brazilian infrastructures (eg D4Science, VENUS-C), resources (eg datasources including Gbif, Catalogue of Life, speciesLink, List of Species of the Brazilian Flora) and tools (eg openModeler).

Please register (by clicking on Create Account) to use the offered services that are provided according to the simple policy reported below:

  • If you are a member of any of the supported community of practice, you can request access to the community VREs;
  • If you are not a member of any of the supported communities, you can request access to one or more gCube Apps VREs. gCube Apps VREs offer a free-to-use environment made of storage and computational capabilities. The data you upload and generate are kept private to your workspace until you decide to share with other members of any gCube Apps VRE.

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EUBrazilOpenBio Gateway and the services it provides are part of the EUBrazilOpenBio support to European and Brazilian biodiversity communities. To drive forward the interoperation of existing Brazilian and European e-Infrastructures, by combining distributed computing, scientific data and portals & platform layers is only one of the project objectives. EUBrazilOpenBio also focuses on the integration of data software platforms running through different infrastructures and on the identification of further future EU-Brazil collaboration in support to biodiversity.

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